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interview by Rob Elam

Descender catches up with Ben Dolenc, 2003 telemark media darling. Is it his skiing, or his sideburns?

Ben Dolenc: It feels good! I think my next project will be a little Elvis bobble head doll or a nude calender. No, seriously, I'm glad things are going well and tele is getting more recognition.

D: What is your life looking like this season?

BD: Busy! I am trying to spend more time in a few places rather than less time in more places-- running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Copper Mtn, Jackson Hole and Whister will be the main locations this winter. I'm also trying to get over to Norway towards April. More filming. I just got back from Vail today, so my season is on.

Austria. Photo: Trevor Graves

D: Have you done anything cool this fall? It didn't seem like you were around Seattle much?

BD: I spent a lot of time out on the Washington coast surfing. I also did some Nike ACG media stuff, and got involved with a really cool program called Nike Go. The program is about introducing kids to the outdoors and getting them active. I've been able to speak to kids both in Washington and Colorado... the kids are stoked! I see it as another way to introduce telemark skiing to youth, as well as get kids stoked on the outdoors generally.

D: What's up with your curse on the PNW? Ever since you moved here the snow has sucked! Just kidding. Anyway, what's your take on Northwest Cement Vs Rocky Mtn champagne?

BD: I am all about sunshine when I am in the PNW, that may sound wrong but Seattle was beautiful this summer! I have had some epic days up in Whistler. I like how the snow fills everything in up here, but I'll take light pow over the heavy stuff any day.

D: How is the Toyota camper holding up? How about the Bike?

BD: Funny you should ask! The camper is in the shop as we speak, a little electrical problem getting fixed so I can get the heater working.

BD: My motorcyle had a rough summer. It was knocked over twice. One time, I parked in front of the post office and ran inside for just a minute or two. When I returned, someone had backed right over it. I was gone for like two minutes! So I think Im going to donate it to a friend and get a new bike next year, probably a vintage Triumph or another Honda.

D: Is summer school still happening for you?

BD: Yep. I'm taking design and art classes in the off season. I'm learning a lot, and the other students are cool. I guess that's the road I'm on for the next couple years: Ski hard as a priority, and work on school when time allows. Life is good!

D: Thanks Ben!

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Austria. Photo: Trevor Graves

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