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Igneous' El Presidente
Quick, name three types of rock. Which one is also a small ski company cranking out a killer tele ski? Give up? We'll help you out. Sedimentary, metamorphic, and. . . ? Were you paying attention in school? Well, pay attention now cause school is in session with Igneous Ski El Presidente Adam Sherman.
Oscar Tjärnberg goes huge.
Can't be done on tele skis? Talk to Oscar Tjärnberg. Who the hell is Oscar Tjärnberg? Meet the Captain of the Swedish Tele Air Force. The Descender interview.
G3: The year of the binding
Tired of your binding choices? Not quite ready for this year's step in tele bindings? Oliver Steffen is soaking in a tub full of G3 shims and talking about the future of hardware.
Mt. Baker. Big? Bigger.
Mount Baker received 1,180 inches of snow last season. 303 of them in February. Jealous? At the end of highway 542 all of your bottomless dreams come true. And guess what? That big dump might come around again. Are you ready?
Photo: Tomas Annerby :::
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