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Photo: Tomas Annerby

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"The motor that makes one work is surely to give a certain permanence to what is fleeting"

Alberto Giacometti

About Descender:
Descender was born out of frustration. Why isn't anyone covering freeheel skiing? There's the occasional story in a major ski mag, backcountry "I'm tougher than you" adventure zines, a 2 second clip in a ski video. What about the pure freeheel fun we see and feel on the mountain? Over beers one night we decided to quit crying and start doing. Descender is the fruit of our labors. We'll be evolving the site as we get better at this Web publishing stuff. We'll count on you to point us in the right direction. Descender is published by Pat, Rob and Terry. We live in Seattle, Washington.

Contact us:

Rob Elam: Complaints
Pat Malloy: Editorial
Terry Johnson: Events
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Descender welcomes submissions. We will consider all stories, interviews, photos, running columns, etc. We are not responsible for anything. Please do not send original drafts. If you have photos for consideration, post them to a Web site and send a URL if you can. We are three guys that unfortunately have other jobs and we devote all the time we can to Descender and putting out the best issue possible. We are busy. We would feel terrible if we lost a masterpiece, but we would get over it. So send them in, but remember to send a copy.

Issue 1 Props:
Tomas Annerby simply rocks. He shot most of the photographs in this issue. Visit his site and pick out a cool shot. He'll frame it for you and everything.

Oscar for being so cool, Adam for doing what he's doing, Oliver for getting back to us. Kevin Ritch for the cool logo on Chair 13

Kokanee beer, guided by voices, pavement's summer tour, sea and cake, global storming (wendy fischer in bubbles is nice, but where's the tele turns?), reading gaol, the promise of another huge winter at home in the northwest usa.

Images from the cutting room:

Photo: Tomas Annerby Tomas Annerby (left) and Oscar Tjärnberg (right). Oscar drops cliffs in the summer, too!

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