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Photo: Tomas Annerby

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From Chair 13

Wake up! The revolution will not be televised. But you can get your ass out to the ski hill and check out telemark skiing. Remember telemark skiing? This is not the land of leather boots and long skinny skis. This is the land of the fat board, the beefy plastic boot, and front flip throwing tele riders. Check it out!

We can't disregard the past. We can learn from it and move to construct our own future, taking what we need and leaving the rest. Where would we be if Sondre Nordheim hadn't dropped the first knee in a land called Telemark? So we give a shout to Sondre and look toward the future of tele riding. Sure you can still find antiquated examples of tele riding and that's cool. These folks serve as a testament to how far tele skiing has come, and how far tele skiing will go. The free heel is everywhere. In the bumps, the steeps, big mountain lines, the pipe, in the deep. Descender is for everyone that pushes the limits of tele riding.

Some people live in the past. They hold on to their preconceptions while we blast past them wearing plastic boots and fat skis. There's nothing wrong with living in the dark, but here at Descender we prefer the light, fluffy white of a limitless free heel future.


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