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Photo: Tomas Annerby

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nw lines

This is the Northwest page. Issue one goes live with scenes from last season's epic winter... all over the NW, but especially at Mt. Baker. In future issues we want to hear from NW locals. Got something to say about the hill you ride? Let us know your favorite line, stash (names withheld to protect the innocent) or stories you have about freeheeling in the Northwest. This is the local page and we want you to let us know what's up and where you're at.

What more can be said about Mt. Baker?

big mountain, big snow

Over a thousand inches of snow for the season and 303 alone in the month of February. 60 foot snow walls along the road. People skiing shots that hadn't been skied before this season.

everything was buried

If you didn't get there last season, you may actually get another chance. Yep, this winter is shaping up to be even bigger, but it's all talk for now.

lots of snow means lots of clouds. not many sunny days during the epic northwest winter of 99

Baker 98/99: The biggest measured dump anywhere, ever.

an early sunset peeks through the clouds

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