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Armond DuBuque
Along with a first descent of Mt. Rainier's Mowich Face, Armond DuBuque has been perfecting the Ultimate Tele Binding. Not gone, not forgotten. The Ultimate Descender interview.

Rip Tip: Oscar Tjärnberg
Huck a cliff. There's no difference in jumping off small or big rocks. It's all in your mind. You've got to dare yourself. Picture yourself succeeding with your drop. Here's how to do it.

Tomas Annerby
Who's behind the lens of these cool freeheel photos? Descender talks with Tomas about ski films, Teton light, and inspired telemarkers.

Josh "Bones" Murphy contributes his thoughts on freeheel skiing as we cross from 99 to double zero.

Photo: Tomas Annerby :::

Photo: Tomas Annerby
Skier: Jonas Heimdahl
Location: Riksgränsen, Sweden