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chair 13

"The effulgent door,

The mysterious knob,

The bright room gained

Is the only job."


Since July 11th I've been waiting anxiously for the season to start. The Descender crew spent the day at Crystal Mountain skiing soft snow in 70 degree weather. Descender was still in the talk phase then. Issue 1 got online with hard work and good people stepping up to help spread the word about the freeheel of today.

Now we're live with issue two, talking to inspired, creative people that help keep the stoke at a frenzied level. We want to thank everyone who put the good foot forward and filled Descender mail with positive feedback.

After all, Descender is about riding your own line.

Winter is right around the corner. Last night, a foot fell up at the pass and that's just the beginning of what will be another deep winter.

The excitement and anticipation is high. The snow fall makes it real, finishes the equation, offers us the knob to the door. All that's left is to tele through.

The snow is on its way, and the spirit is here.

Pat: Alta Backcountry

The Editor, Utah Backcountry