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Photos Daniel Bloomgren and Alexander Klun

Photos: Daniel Bloomgren (left) Alexander Klun (right)

Frode Gronvold Interview: Page 3 of 3

D: What do your non-skiing friends think of your skiing life?

FG: Well, some think I'm crazy, some envy my freedom and my choice of life, and some don't really care. It's all about doing your own thing. It's easy to tell the difference between those who really enjoy what they do, and those who don't. There are too many desperate people out there who just settle. There's more, trust me.

D: What would you like to see in freeheel gear improvements?

FG: Better graphic design on things! And gear that really works.

D: Are tele twin tips in our future? Landing fakie on tele is tough!

FG: Maybe, to be honest I don't think there's much future in telemark twintips. You would only be making it hard on yourself. It would look pretty spectacular though. I'm gonna try it out (haven't tried yet), but I think I would prefer jibbing on twin tips with a fastened heel. Landing fakie is just another joy element in the game. All skis should have tips in both ends.

D: Beer or whiskey? What's your poison?

FG: Whiskey... well, I love beer too..? In the end nothing beats Finlandia Vodka!!


Photo: Christian Møkleby  Location: Chamonix, France

D: We hear rumors about the female freeheelers in Norway. Are the rumors true? If so, can we visit and stay at your place?!

FG: I guess they are (check out my sister, she rips), but visiting my place could prove difficult... I'm enjoying the pleasure of being totally free. In other words, I haven't got a permanent address.

D: What are your other interests outside of skiing?

FG: Music, surfing and design. I listen to music all the time, I love shapes and the visually pleasing, and surfing just gets me stoked (mostly in the water, paddling, fighting the waves, but anyway!) Gotta mention my longboard (skate) too, I bring it with me wherever I go.

D: How do you respond to people who think your skiing is crazy?

FG: It's not being crazy, it's being passionate about what you do, and the drive to enjoy the elements. I can be very apprehensive at times. Some people think I'm crazy but they put their lives at risk going to work every day, driving a car or whatever. It's all how you look at it.

D: Any shout outs?

FG: I give thanks to my family, for bringing me up in such a good way. Mom for giving birth to me, Takashi Mochizuko (hope I got his name right) for hooking me up with Japan. All my friends, you know who you are. My sponsors: Concept clothing is the best! Cebe, Scarpa, West Alp, and for the best drink in the world, Finlandia! (swapping ski sponsors at the moment) And an special extra thanks to all the people helping me out. I'm afraid they're too many to mention!

Thanks Frode!

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Photo: Alexander Klun   Location: Chamonix, France