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Paul Parker
Paul Parker conceived the first plastic tele boot, the Terminator, on a napkin in a restaurant over a bottle of Nebbiolo. What does he think of the current state of freeheel affairs?

Frode Gronvold
Frode struts his hard charging freeheeling in the ski film Free Radicals 3. Descender talks shop with this Norweigian ripper.

Dan Gilchrist
Dan is out in front of a lot of folks this year - he's the tele skier in the new Warren Miller movie. He talks with Descender about volcanos, fourteeners, and staying in shape.

Whitefish, Montana
Skiers from Whitefish dominate the US National Telemark Team's ranks. Pete Thomas gives us a look inside this great freeheel town.

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Leslie Ross
Leslie teaches the kids, along with the babes. She gives us the lowdown on her program Babes in the Backcountry.

Oscar Tjärnberg's Rip Tip
The Heli is not a new trick. But it's still fresh, maybe now more than ever. Completing a 360 is unfortunately harder than it looks, but what can you do? It's such a heck of a crowd pleaser. You know that you just have to do it.

Tele Freeride
Look ma, no poles!

Chair 13
Crusty Koflach boots, blue jeans, Look bindings, and a pair of Rossignols that had some women's name etched in the tips.

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