Welcome to issue 4!

Issue 4 theme: White Space. We NEED it.

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This issue was painstakingly procured from several large vats of freeheel fat. Rendered down in to pure freeheel liquid and now presented to you in our new Visual Macramé 4.0. Thanks to design sorcerer Rob Elam for his dedication and short temper for anything but perfection! (so that's all i am now? a "design sorcerer"? aw man!) We'll get those CD's back to you as soon as we can clean them Rob! Thanks.

Rob can get grumpy.

Also we here at Descender Corp. would like to extend a hand in apology to all those who waited and waited and waited for this issue. We were skiing. We were working. We were making excuses. We were trying to figure out how to make Descender our life and our daily bread. The much touted olive loaf preferably! We were in British Columbia. We were in Mexico hanging out with freeheel guerrillas in the sun and light ocean breeze of La Casa Piedra. But here it is in all its freeheel glory. We apologize for possibly marring our image of freeheel totalitarianism by presenting a photo in the archaic lock down rock garden variety. Nice photo, but. . . .We know better.

Thanks to Spyder (not the company) for the light bulb on the UNIMOG. Soon this vehicle will overtake any of the ridiculous ideas for fuel efficient cars and or electrical/ sun powered vehicles, PLEASE! The MOG is the truck of the future. Why just recently I saw a UNIMOG right here in downtown Seattle. A modest looking women driving with her three children in the back. Obviously, going to the BON MARCHE or maybe for a latte. Either way, wise choice girl, you go!

We welcome Eric to the fold. He'll be helping out with the hamburger portion. We have him on a money back guarantee 60 day trial period from RONCO a subsidiary of TELECO CORP. Welcome, Big Brother thanks you for your support.

Descender also wishes a warm welcome to our new Japanese subscribers. (Not seen, hands in prayer position and bowing.) Rising Sun Tele! This was a goal of ours and we can't tell you how happy we are to have finally tapped in to the Japanese tele vibe! Descender: Huge in Europe, Big in Japan, and then there's our own backyard, the States, a distant 3rd (but still ahead of Canada)...

Next is our quest to appear on IRON CHEF! A wonderful cooking show that pits chefs against each other on a battle for supreme control of the world's kitchens. Whoever can prepare the tastiest vittles wins!

And lastly we would like to again thank all of our test subjects for this issue and all previous. We promise that the effects won t last as long as we originally thought. Without you Descender would be on the barroom floor with Rob and myself writhing in pain screaming WE CAN DO IT BETTER! WE CAN! But here we are! Thank you! Thanks for reading and thanks for kneeling! If we didn't mention you, we might not know who you are. Speak up!

The Descender Crew

Rob Elam
Pat Malloy
Terry Johnson

and introducing:

Eric Foster



Contributing Editors:

Frode Gronvold

Piero Ruffino

Oscar Tjärnberg

Pete Thomas

Contributing Photographers:

Tomas Annerby

Simon Berg

Daniel Bloomgren

Scott Cramer
Alpine Adventure Images
Vail, CO
(970) 390-0932

Mattias Fredriksson

Audun Holmøy

Chase Jarvis

Alexander Klun

Christian Møkleby

Jeff Scholl

Carl Skoog


Descender welcomes submissions. We will consider all stories, interviews, photos, running columns, etc. We are not responsible for anything. Please do not send original drafts. If you have photos for consideration, post them to a Web site and send a URL if you can. We are three guys that unfortunately have other jobs and we devote all the time we can to Descender and putting out the best issue possible. We are busy. We would feel terrible if we lost a masterpiece, but we would get over it. So send them in, but remember to send a copy.