Time for a career change? Do you want to shoot the rock stars of the ski world, or maybe just your buddies? Tomas Annerby, star photographer, Descender hero, helps out with a few tips to get you started. Onward Tomas...

- Don't think that you need unlimited powder and blue skies to get good pictures. Maybe it helps, but you can shoot excellent pics in bad weather conditions. Unusual light and adverse conditions can make the picture look more interesting. Try something new, always.

- Do your best to keep the models safe. Who are you going to work with when they're injured? Is the risk really worth it? Sure you could pull a great shot off, but it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong. Play it safe. Too many photographers make their models do crazy stuff just because they want THAT picture. The ultimate pic for me is to make it look difficult/dangerous when it's actually totally safe. What's the point if it's the opposite.

- Double check everything. Landings, changes in snow, avalanche risk. Figure out what can go wrong and do your best to prevent injury. Never continue with something that doesn't feel right. You can shoot a lot of really good pics without taking too many chances. Remember, you can do a lot with a little imagination and good technique!

- Never be cheap with the film and always bring more than you think you ll need. Don't think you're a bad photographer if you only get 3-4 really good pics on every roll. I still throw away most of my pics.

- Some of my best pics happened partly by accident. If it doesn't turn out well, then at least you learn something from it. How are you going to get better if you don't try?

- Communicate with your models. It's more difficult than you think to get the skier in the exact place you want. It's extremely easy to misunderstand each other. After a while you'll speak the same language. Have fun!

More photo tips to come!

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