Luke Miller has the best way to get to the mountain, and runner up for the Lincoln, Nebraska, Monster Truck Pull. (dramatization, do not attempt to build a UNIMOG at home)


Running Water


4-burner stove and oven

Double bed

Enough room for your quiver and all your bro's, too!

*Mirrored Ceilings (see deluxe package options below)

*Doppler Radar (optional), Personal Weatherman (optional), German Light Infantry escort (included)

MPG: .5 City, 1.5 Highway, 40 degree chute: What do you think the extra tanks are for?

Customer Testamonial- " The UNIMOG has enough torque to pull a tractor trailer out of a ditch. I know cause I did it! It's the ultimate off-road machine!"-Luke Miller

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