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The way we were: Spring/Summer 2000

Photo: Staffan in Verbier backcountry, Feb 2000, on Rossi Bandit XXX/Scarpa T-Race. Photo by the inimitable Tomas.

Descender 5:

Top bar photo credits, left to right: Staffan Andersson by Tomas Annerby, Jonas Heimdahl by Tomas Annerby, Aryeh Copa by Chase Jarvis.

In this issue, we experienced growth. Toe nails, better turns, attitudes, and a lot of self-righteous spouting reached the roof and even blew the top off. Again we have many people to thank for helping to make this issue possible. Tomas Annerby, Chase Jarvis, Ken Schiele, Kenny Atkin, Luke Miller and Ben Dolanc, to name a few.

I want to thank Stevens Pass on Highway 2 over here in Warshington State. March 28, the ski report said that 6 inches fell. In spots, it was more like a foot to 18 inches of the elusive light Cascade fluff. Face shot after face shot, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. Remember, the snow report message sometimes lies for your own benefit.

We want to send our prayers out to Eric. He was caught in a bad fry-daddy accident in Squaw's fingers that nearly ended his tele career. Blood on the snow in the spirit of tele progression. The manager from the Rally Burger wanted to inform me that Eric will get a citation of valor for saving the catfish fingers from burning. Way to go Eric! That can only have a positive influence on the good vibes that make Descender what it is. Always shoot for that golden brown baby!

Eric on Mt. Rainier (newly installed 6 pack chair hidden from view).

Thanks, Chase, for the use of your slide scanner and all the pos vibes. But, Monday night Zombies at the Luau? No more! Thanks bro. (RE)

For the inspiration: cheers to the Replacements, "the only rock band that ever mattered," and Pavement, "the only rock band that matters today." Critic's words, not mine.

"Although generalizations are dangerous, I venture to say that at the bottom of most fears, both mild and severe, will be found an overactive mind and an underactive body. Hence, I have advised many people in their search for happiness to use their heads less and their arms and legs more in useful work or play. We generate fears while we sit- we overcome them by actions. Fear is nature's warning signal to get busy." Dr. Henry Link

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